2020 Best Places To Live In Sherburne County

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Nothing is as overwhelming and scary as relocating to a new place without knowing what is in for you. You can’t stop worrying about how life will be because you are not sure if you will have access to the amenities you are used to. You are also not sure about the weather; there will be unforgiving or inviting. Well, if you plan to move to Minnesota, then one of the best places to live in is Sherburne County. Read on to learn more about various towns in Sherburne County to make an informed decision.

Becker Town

Becker is one of the fantastic towns in Sherburne County located west-central in Minnesota State. It has a population size of about 4,787. The city has some of the attractive and versatile recreational spots. Families and young professionals mostly occupy becker town though people here are a bit conservative. The majority of the residents here are homeowners. When it comes to public schools, the performance is above average.

Recreational areas in this town include Becker Community Centre, a place where children can have fun. There are also Black Ridge Stables where you can go horse riding. The town is also home to Maria State Park for those individuals who like beautiful scenery and solitude. The town also hosts other recreational spots such as crossfire paintball, Sherburne County Historical Society, and many other beautiful recreational facilities.

Big Lake Township

Big Lake Township is also one of the best places to live in Sherburne County. It has a population of about 7,694. Residents in this place enjoy the rural feeling, and the majority of them are homeowners. Most occupants in this fantastic town are families, and of course, young professionals. Just like in Becker town, residents here are conservative, and public schools’ performance here is also above average.

What makes this Big Lake Township an ideal place to live in its intensive labor force and easy accessibility to main roads. Though the majority of people commute to work, the atmosphere in this place is inviting. It is one of the growing communities in Minnesota. For instance, it has an industrial base that balances its rapid population growth. The town has move-up homes and affordable start-up homes.

When it comes to recreation the town has natural amenities like parks, lakes, rivers, and trail systems, making it a lovely city for all seasons. For instance, there are outdoor activities for summer, such as swimming in Big Lakes during and snowmobile races during the winter.

Elk River Town

Another wonderful town in the county of Sherburne is Elk River and has a population of about 24,211. It is located 34 miles away from northwest Minneapolis at the confluence of Elk and Mississippi rivers. Nothing best can describe how life is like living in the city of Elk River. If you are planning to become part of this community, be prepared for a fascinating suburban feel.

However, the majority of residents here are homeowners and are conservative too. The occupants of the town are mostly young professionals and families. The performance of its public schools is also above average.

Elk River town has plenty of parks, making it an ideal place for nature lovers and solitude. The parks are also perfect places for family picnics and beautiful spots to have fun with the children. The town hosts several events across all seasons, including winter, summer, spring, and fall. There are events such as festivals, holiday celebrations, farmers’ markets, and community concerts.

Big Lake Town

If you plan to settle in Sherburne County, try living in Big Lake city. It is one of the best places to live in Minnesota. The town is situated in Sherburne County, with a population of about 10,699 residents. If you like a suburban feeling, then this is the town for you.

Like other towns in Sherburne County, the majority of residents in this town are also homeowners. The primary occupants of this town are young professionals and families. The public school’s performance in this town is above average.

What makes this area one of the best places to live in Minnesota, even more, appealing is the rapid growth it is currently experiencing. More homes are being built with new businesses and development projects coming up. All these make this place ideal for those looking to settle in a place with job opportunities. The town has the best schools, well developed and maintained main roads, utilities, and other city services.


There is no doubt that Minnesota State has impressive unique features, and as each day passes by, the place keeps on attracting more residents. It is one state that can offer you tranquility because of its serene natural environment. Well, if you have been wondering about the best places to live in Sherburne County, there you have it. The choice is all yours.



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