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The six-month B-2 visa is suitable for anyone that is looking to visit America for pleasure. In other words, you are a tourist with benefits attached.

The individuals that seek the B-2 visa fall under the following categories:

  1. Holidaymakers from outside the USA.
  2. Those who want to visit their relatives who are residing in America.
  3. Those seeking better medical care and experience in the US.
  4. If you get invited to a festival, conference, or any other event, that’s not a gig.
  5. When your company sponsors your business trip to the USA.
  6. Foreigners who want to take a tour through American states.

The Advantages of the B-2 Visa for the US

First of all, after the B-2 visa’s time runs out, you are always welcome to apply for another one at any time. Other pros of this tourist visa include:

  • Makes business travel to the US a breeze.
  • The application process is straightforward.
  • You can take up any short-term program to gain skills even without certification at the end.
  • It means your parents or relatives can visit you on special occasions.

How To Go About The Application Of A B-2 Visa

Getting your visa application approved used to be tedious, but technology has reduced the complications. Today any individual is at liberty to apply for a B-2 visa, but the catch is that you need to be among the categories mentioned above.

The following are the steps you should take if you are looking forward to owning a B-2 visa:

  • Submitting The Correct Form

Most applicants become unsuccessful in the process because they don’t submit the appropriate document. To get the right papers to visit My Visa Source.

There you will first undergo an assessment to determine your viability for the B-2 tourist visa. Once you pass that first step, the right documents are offered to you. From there, make sure to meticulously fill the form then submit it through the medium you were advised.

  • Payment Of The Required Fees

The most important thing to remember when making any payments related to a B-2 visa is always to keep the receipts. It is recommended that you only pay through the approved avenues. A lot of applicants have lost money in the past simply because they paid through unofficial platforms.

These payments will include insurance, and after that’s done, attach the receipts to the application documents.

  • The B-2 Visa Related Interview

Due to an overwhelming amount of applications, interviews are usually scheduled well in advance. To make a schedule visit the American embassy in your country of application.

Once the interview request has been made, you will have to wait for confirmation. The wait time will vary depending on how long the waiting list is, but a confirmation letter will inform you of what’s next.

  • The Next Application Stage

As you wait for the interview confirmation letter or email, keep busy by sorting out the needed papers. The original documents include:

  • Your passport photographs.
  • The confirmation code from a form called DS-160.
  • Receipts of all the payments that were made.
  • A statement to prove financial ability.

Another important paper is one that will show that you plan to return home. That particular document will be used during the interview.

  • The Last Step In A B-2 Visa Application

On rare occasions, the interview may go on for a little more than 3 hours. During this time, you will have to convince the interviewers of your viability to be granted the B-2 visa. They will expect a verbal journey of where you’re coming from and what exactly you want to do in America if given the opportunity.

Final Thoughts

The duration of a B-2 visa application differs from person to person. In rare cases, it will take months, but in other weeks, so patience is required. Guests of the US government or attendees of a charity event are not required to make payments. Otherwise, expect to pay something like $160 or about $400 (give or take) for an extension. Visit My Source Visa to learn more about navigating the visa waters.



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