Here’s why you’re not earning a lot in your affiliate marketing and how to change that

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Traditional affiliate marketing is unsustainable. How many products earning you $0.40 commission each do you need to market to pay your rent, fuel your car and just buy a meal a day to get by? The answer is a lot. There’s no difference between a nine to five and this type of passive income generation.

So what is the solution you may ask?

High ticket products.

Did you know that in some high-paying niches such as finance and healthcare, you could earn as much as $200 commission on a single product? Yes, it is possible but you need to do something everyone seems to be forgetting or ignoring.

You need to up your game. You need to get into the big leagues of affiliate marketing and take it as the serious business it is.

You need to do paid ads, create insanely viral content and most of all believe in the product you are pushing.

Well, if it is that simple, why are most people not doing it?

You’re right not many people are doing it. Instead what most are doing is going the long route.

You know… the basics… build an email list, monetize the email list and walla, you can now broadcast your latest supplement by doctor you know who to your five thousand subscribers.

Hypothetically, if 500 of your email list subscribers purchase the product that gives you about $200 commission on each, that is a clean $100k.

Here’s how people are doing it:

Choose a niche that you are passionate about — something you cannot shut up about. Use chatGPT, Claude AI, Gemini or any other to research the pain point for your target audience.

Use a free AI tool like Canva to create an ebook specifically outlining a solution to solve the pain point of your audience

For example, if the pain point is finding ways to make $20k a month — write an ebook spilling all the valuable info/ practical guide on how to achieve this goal.

Use chatGPT to create the text, use a combination of the tools including Claude AI which has improved a lot over the previous months. Then add that text to a good design in Canva and export to PDF.

Then create an account on Instagram plus other socials, preferably TikTok

Use services such as Linktree and others to create a landing page whose link you will add in the bio for Instagram, TikTok and others.

So that, later on the call to action in every short video will be, “Check out my bio or even caption to get a free book teaching you about making $20k a month.”

The best CRM for this has to be which you can create a free account by clicking here. On the free account you can achieve all I mention below. gives you a beginner-friendly interface to create a landing page and a thank you page for the ebook you exported earlier.

Software Advice in their review said that, “ is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses create and launch sales funnels, affiliate programs, email marketing campaigns, online courses, blogs, and websites.”

Next share beautiful videos of yourself doing normal house chores but add text on each video instructing viewers to read the caption or click on bio for a free ebook to learn how you make $1000 per day — don’t forget to use viral music

Instagram has challenges in the settings area on how you can grow the account. Sharing memorable and engaging stories is a much more effective way to go about it.

To make it even more convincing take videos of yourself by your computer showing payments from your CRM. Feel free to show a different lifestyle online — where you seem to be making loads and loads of money.

Create a landing page for the ebook on and a thank you page.

You are now giving away this ebook for free with valuable information in exchange for contact info. has features such as email marketing and automation where you can automate the whole follow up sequence.

This is essentially what a marketing funnel is and if you need help in creating or managing one, email me.

A marketing funnel is a journey a potential customer goes through to become an actual paying customer.

In this case, they see your video on Instagram or TikTok, they click to get the free ebook. Now you have their contact info and have added them to the email funnel.

You have automated a series of emails that will nurture them, providing valuable info and trying to sell them on any other digital products you may have such as the a link to that supplement that gives you about $200 commission.

There are two secrets to this.

One — is that, if you’re focusing on health then talk about it and promote products in that space, if it is making the $20k a month then create a mini course maybe charging $200 a month for the course — about making $20k a month.

Two — you will earn more and at a much faster rate by running ads on social media, improving the quality of your videos and product in general.

To make a course a high ticket item that you could even charge $100k per year, you need to create an ecosystem.

That includes a comprehensive course with reputable coaches, SaaS like an AI took solving a pain point in your chosen niche, community of people, annual conferences, private club or VIP where subscribers get to interact with you and receive a quality coaching call and many other things that would make anyone pay a hundred grand for.

However, the most important thing is to be an authority in that sector just like Alex Hormozi, Carl Allen, Chris Moore, Billy Gene, Grand Cardone, Pace Morby just to name a few.

Again, if you would like someone to guide you into achieving such a level, I’ve interacted with these guys and continue to study their methods. I would love to share or coach you on the same, just shoot me an email here.

By the way, the marketing budget/ad spend for someone like Grand Cardone will blow your mind and so will the return on investment.

Some people may say oh these gurus are fake and this and that but you know what… these are the same guys paying $20k for a mastermind and just sit and expect to make money on autopilot. It does not work like that. Actually, what someone like Grand is doing is exposing you to a network of individuals that might be investors to boost your efforts. So just sit there and complain while these guys make billions helping others who make even more billions because they are action takers.

This is what most people are doing to earn a comfortable amount from affiliate marketing. You will need to get your hands dirty or pay people like myself to set it all up for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and effort. However, you can speed it up by increasing ad spend and investing more capital.

The good thing is that once you set this up now, ten years later you will have forgotten about it but will be receiving money whenever someone buys the course or product. Inspirational guys like Jon Morrow, talk about earning from blog posts they published years before.

That is passive income and the sky is the limit on how much you can scale it.

If you take anything at all from my article it should be this — get started today, start now. Set up these affiliate links now because, in ten years when this all starts making sense to you, you will regret why you never started sooner. There’s a good reason why most wealthy people talk about the power of compounding.

End of my rant.

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