How To Earn As Much As Your Influencer or Guru Promised — 100k/month

Ian Job
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You have clicked on that — I make 100k/month without lifting a finger. You read through it or watch through it.

At the end you feel like you want to hear more. The secret was actually not revealed and it is now being packaged behind a paywall.

You join the course, the mastermind and after a few months you are not even 1% on your way to earn 100k per month.

Here’s the problem and why that course feels like a scam.

Number one, you need to put in the work.

Most people just join courses, slacks, discords, buy books and software and go through the motion without actually applying what you are learning into action.

You would gladly pay a VA or freelancer to do it for you instead of getting your hands dirty.

Billy Gene teaches digital marketing.

If you join his 16 week classes without actually applying the weekly assignments to your business or work — you will never see any results.

Carl Allen and Chris Moore teach how to buy companies and marketing respectively.

If you join their classes without actually applying the forecast models, analyzing businesses for sale on sites like BizBuySell and others including LinkedIn — you will never successfully close on a deal to own a business with almost no money down.

And if you do, it might be a company so deep in the waters it will ruin you financially. Carl Allen helps you to see through the BS and red flags.

Actually, all the coaches and gurus only help you to see the red-flags and give you access to a community of like-minded people.

The idea of hanging out with four billionaires will push you to become one applies here.

Equally if you hang out with four deadbeats, guess who is soon to be a dead beat.

Without building a funnel, running the ads and writing the copy Chris Moore recommends — you will never master marketing.

So, if you decide to sign on any of the courses and masterminds — be mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically prepared to work hard. Implementing what you are learning in your current life.

The reason gurus say, they achieved a mind-boggling income per month without doing anything is because they leverage technology.

If you have a SaaS or CRM like which does 90% of your manual work and heavy lifting for you — why would you fail to earn the same as your coach?

The difference between you and Grand Cardone is that he is using systems and you are not. He has useful and relevant connections and you don’t.

Which means that if you wanted to get to his level, you need access to the same system he uses and the same connections/ relationships he has. He knows a lot of brokers and real estate buyers and sellers.

A one billion office building something like Brickell Key being built by Swire Properties in Miami is only a phone call away because Grand has build the relationships with developers in Miami.

To get to the level of Alex Hormozi — 7.8 million followers in 40 months, you need to follow his blue print, which you can watch here. For one, you need to output the number of content he does per day.

Pace Morby’s level requires someone who can go door to door asking for owners who would accept seller finance. Before incorporating systems and staff to do it for you.

So here’s what I think you need to do to see results

  1. Learn a skill and be good at it. The skill could be baking, farming, forex trading, growing mushrooms, sales… the list is endless. Speaking of forex, here’s my brief article titled, the best way to learn forex trading.
  2. Apply it through trial and errors and when successful
  3. Use that as a case study to monetize it
  4. Build an online following
  5. Build a course around it
  6. Teach people that skill for free and upsell them on advanced lessons, a book, a community and something valuable such as an SaaS.
  7. Use AI to build a software the way Trey Smith has done with AutoFunnel, Bookle and CopyAI
  8. The idea is to host annual courses like the 16 week marketing course Billy gene does annually.
  9. Improve on this and keep up with the times
  10. Diversify like Cardone — he has Cardone Ventures, CardoneTV, Cardone Capital and so much more.
  11. The idea is to use systems to run the whole empire on autopilot while you pick up points for being good at your craft.
  12. Give back to community through charity, gifts to followers and loyal employees.

But most importantly, find ways to make your empire bullet proof and generational. I bet you’ve seen Grand’s daughter entiring the picture.

Make it legal so the IRS or your home government cannot close it whenever they feel threatened. Pay taxes, avoid illegal deals but if you must, have the best lawyers unlike a certain presidential candidate.

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