My Kid Got Bit By A Dog

Perform First Aid

  • If the dog bit broke through the skin
  • If you have applied direct pressure for 10- 15 minutes and the bleeding doesn’t stop.
  • If the bite is deep and has injured the tendons, joints, or bones.
  • If your kid got a bite on the face area, feet, or hands.
  • If you don’t know the owner of the dog that bit your kid.

Doctor’s Help

Rabies Treatment

Give The Dog Away?

Tips To Stay Safe

  • Educate your kids to avoid getting close to strange dogs.
  • Train your kids to request a dog’s owner before petting.
  • Do not leave your kids with a dog without your supervision.
  • Teach your kids always to be careful with pets.
  • Limit playing with dogs while eating or sleeping.



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