New Orleans To Orlando Road Trip

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Meta Description: Road trip itinerary New Orleans to Orlando. Info on total road trip time, mileage, places to visit, explore & much more!

A New Orleans to Orlando road trip is best travelled on with an RV because the route offers the best RV-campgrounds in America. Apart from taking selfies at a rocking chair that’s rated the biggest on earth this journey will see you drive the RV on more bridges than usual, and enjoy mouth-watering delicacies during stops. The nine hour road trip from New Orleans to Orlando could take anywhere from two days to a week depending on the amount of adventure you would like to experience. This is because some state parks on that route offer RV accommodation, camping, hiking, water activities such as kayaking but if you’re lucky you might run into an annual festival or two.

Road Trip Itinerary New Orleans To Orlando

  • Trip length: Two days is how long you will be on the New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip. That will be achieved if the driver stops every hour and a half to rest for another hour. With that calculation, then you will have made seven stops and spent that time memorably.
  • Mileage: When you go a little overboard and drive nonstop, it’s only a nine-hour road trip on an RV. However, this is assuming to maintain about 70 miles of speed per one hour. The whole distance you will have covered will be a mile shy of 640 miles.
  • Fun fact: If your calculations are correct, you could bring your RV to Mobile during the famous October musical festival known as Bayfest.

Nearby National Parks

A Seashore Park Known As Gulf Islands

This park is situated about a quarter of the way on the New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip. This stop allows visitors to create typical camping like in the old days, which was more like being off-grid, with no tap water, and other modern luxuries.

A stop here is a chance for parents to instill survival guidance on their children. Please don’t mistake it for primitive because there is a center where visitors get to watch clips on the national park’s history. You’ll have a blast if you are into watching small fascinating reptiles’ birds and hiking. Children can participate in activities that will earn them badges given to junior rangers.

Among all of the national parks nearest to the road trip itinerary New Orleans to Orlando , this seashore park is closest.

A Memorial Park For Veterans

This veteran’s park is also closer to the highway, so if you can make the detour, you’re in for a historical treat. It’s a photogenic space for anyone to learn about the war and veterans who fought in Vietnam. This stopover will motivate young people to aspire and make the best of themselves as they mature.

The other national parks in the vicinity may be a long way for you to sacrifice your time on them, but there is always a next time. These include the Gulf Islands for outdoor activities, the county park is called the Navarre Beach and the Tuxachanie trail which is next door to a Mississippi Gulf.

All these national parks are situated along the I-10 that heads into the city of Mobile. For the rest of the way, you have state parks options, but the only other national park closer to Orlando is the state forest known as Goethe. Even this one is some drive from the highway towards the west coastline.

State Parks Along The Way

The best way to determine which are the most practical state parks for your road trip from New Orleans to Orlando is to use the suggestion list by RVshare. The website offers practically sufficient information for the ideal RV road trip. Below are notable state parks to consider during your drive.

The Gulf RV State Park

The first thing you will notice is that this is going to be a beachfront experience. People on wheelchairs can effortlessly enjoy rail fishing. Besides, the compound is pet friendly with features for laundry, houses to bath in, a swimming area for you, and your dog, among many more.

RV road trippers can hook up to the essentials such as the internet, power, and water. Visitors can play volleyball, biking, kayaking, and hiking to test if you’re lucky enough to encounter a deer or two with a bobcat on their trail.

It all comes down to being described as a paradise right and your New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip route. And that is because RV travelers can get lost in the fun, relaxing activities that mostly involve water. When visiting this state park, remember to buy trinkets from the gift shops to remember the experience by.

The RV State Park Buccaneer

The fact that it’s just six minutes from the road trip itinerary New Orleans to Orlando makes the park a convenient visit for any tripper on I-10. The first thing you’ll notice is the high humidity of the environment at the Buccaneer, something that positively contributes to the comfort of the stay.

The park itself is a host to other RV accommodating campgrounds where you get to hookup on power, water, internet and of course the sewer. Unlike other state parks this one allows pets that can join you through a nature trail that features exotic wood trees. Make sure to save space on your camera for the blue crabs and other interesting wildlife.

The only reason why visitors should treat themselves to a golf session on the natural Gulf of Mexico course is because you are not charged anything for playing. A few decades before this place was infested with ruthless pirates so this New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip stop offers some memorable historical experiences. Surrounding the state park are eateries, shops and so much more so if you need more information on this head over to the detailed piece by RVshare.

The State Park Florida Caverns

It takes eleven minutes from I-10 the highway on your road trip from New Orleans to Orlando because it’s only seven miles away. The experience here is all about cave exploring. Yes the state parks inside the Florida Caverns will offer the usual RV treatment of water, internet, laundry, fishing activities and a useful dump station.

After hooking up your RV and securing it you can go off to tour caves, canoeing, boat rides and paddling. The scenery is enjoyable because you get to join a river search party for spotting alligators and other dangerous predators. The state park prioritizes on your safety so that visitors get to focus on the fun and experiences of the activities.

Another unique activity is actual treasure hunting, a fun endeavour that’s a form of real world application of geocaching. Not many trippers can claim that they spent several hours being actual geologists. The recommended way to take advantage of this state park is by reading everything there is to know about it on the review by RVshare. That reading will be vital to the planning of your New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip.

Points Of Interest

The State Park Ponce De Leon

You might have had it mentioned in relation to the fountain of youth legends but the clear waters found at this state park sure do resemble something to do with youth. If you don’t believe in that sought of thing then bring your younger companions along to fuel their imagination even further. The entry fee per RV is basically a bargain and you get to take walks, swim and enjoy picnics.

Sadly credit cards are not allowed but you can tag your pet along and those on wheelchairs will have an easy time getting around. One thing to try out is to buy supplies on your last stop and come fire up a grill that’s next to a picnic table.

The Water Park Gulf Islands

Another great space where children can be themselves in clean water is the water park Gulf Islands. The rest if your companions can dig into the delicious menu that’s priced reasonably. The food such as baked pizza, grilled catfish, salads and teriyaki chicken are all prepared as you watch thus enhancing the eating experience. All types of beverages are served to wash down the meals as you watch the kids have fun in the pool area.

The Biggest Rocking Chair

This is a few minutes from the water park so it won’t hurt to head over there and take memorable family photos and selfies. The children will definitely cherish you for taking that detour from the road trip itinerary New Orleans to Orlando.

The Memorial Park USS Alabama Battleship

This is another children’s magnet but anyone that is into the history of the military will enjoy the tours. This visit will take you from your RV seat to the inside of a submarine and ships that saw actual combat situations. There are also retired military aircrafts to be toured as you click away on your camera. Making the visit to the Memorial Park USS Alabama Battleship will keep the young ones excited for a while and that happiness might last all through the New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip.

Main Cities You’ll Pass-Through.

Mobile, AL

Technically this should be your second stop on the road trip itinerary New Orleans to Orlando. The main thing to check out while you’re in Mobile City is the State Park Battleship Alabama. That tour of military history will give you a renewed respect for American servicemen but it will instill motivation in the hearts of your young companions. After taking photographs with war machines, you can park your RV at any of the many campgrounds found within the city of Mobile.

Pensacola, FL

After spending time in Mobile, it is understandable that trippers would just drive their RVs past this city in Florida. Unless they want to grab a quick bite at any of the interesting RV resorts in Pensacola. There you will find the necessary hookups for your RVshare rented automobile and if you need recommendations check out the following dump stations.

Tallahassee, FL

RV facilities such as the park A Stone’s Throw are just next to I-10 thus saving you time on your New Orleans to Orlando RV road trip. Visitors enjoy spending the night at the RV parks in Tallahassee because they mostly have a homely vibe to them. If you are looking for discounts or just the right recommendations then read RVshare’s reviews of the available campgrounds in the area.

Lake City, FL

This is another destination you might opt to drive the RV through without stopping because it is so close to your destination. However the city offers photogenic locations where visitors can snap some shots as they window shop antiques in downtown Lake City, Florida. Apart from the shopping sprees and visiting historical sites, trippers are still able to find accommodating RV facilities such as dump stations within the city.

One thing you should prioritize is the safety of your RVshare rented RV and that safety includes the viability of the automobile. Renting an RV from experts like RVshare means that you have insurance from certified industry professionals. If the price is pushing you to hire from a stranger, then here are the best RV rental rates in New Orleans and Orlando. A New Orleans to Orlando road trip is a long journey, and anything can happen; therefore, it is best to leave it to the experts so you can focus on creating sentimental memories.



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