What if everybody did that?

Ian Job
3 min readMar 11, 2021
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If I could do anything and go anywhere, I could head over to a sparsely populated region of our country and buy as much land as possible. The next logical step is to fence it and populate it with trees. The kind that changes the climate of a place from desert to tropical forest. Instead of growing the plants, why not just relocate mature plants from all over the world.

As that is going on, I will start doing interviews to find wives. Not wife but wives because I want to have at least two from each race. Instead of going all out and starring in a bachelorette reality TV show, I will travel to remote villages in corners of the world. Why villages, you might ask.

Well, from experience, women from remote villages have exceptional skills. They will tie a child comfortably on their back, head over and milk your livestock, collect eggs from poultry and put together a healthy breakfast for their husband. When the house leaks, they fix it; if there’s a manual transmission vehicle in the home, rural women will learn to drive, basic mechanics, and do errands accident-free. Of course, they’ll make mistakes here and there in the initial stages of learning a new skill.

When such women are left alone in a homestead, they will work hard to improve it no matter how long you’re gone. So, I would plan to move into a village and live there for a while, identifying a good candidate. At the same time, I have subdivided the land.

One part is a forest that’s more like a zoo. Another part is my homestead, then the farm area, which will feature all kinds of domestic animals and crops. In the last part, I’ll construct a gigantic sound stage where films will be made under my company and name as executive producer.

I’d buy more land and get each wife their own sizable portion that has just enough. All my marriages will be customary, and I would make sure that I don’t have any dependence on the government. What I would do is to use everything in my power to remain behind the scenes and use presidents as my puppets.

My land would have everything from tap water to an airstrip and hanger. People will refer to it as a mini country within another country. Interestingly even if I had everything and could do anything, I would live a very simple life but create a sustainable ecosystem that ensures that my family will never lack for generations to come till the world ends.

With all kinds of resources, I would never be the face of my fortunes. I would be a billionaire who regularly sips porridge at a street food joint listening to modern-day peasants lament about life and argue the politics of the day. No one would ever suspect that I have more than 20 wives, a whole national park, and could practically pay cash for two continents and still have twice as much leftover.

I understand nature, but people are complicated, and so instead of ending poverty, I would end the act behind the scenes to eradicate carbon emissions. Fifty percent of my time would be spent running around with my grandchildren on my farm. The other half would be burning the candle behind the scenes to make waste management efficient and eradicate the use of petroleum and related fuels.

My priority would be to have a normal life, and that means spending time with all my family members until they’re tired of me. Most of all, if I got a life-threatening illness, I would let it eat me up. But before my flame fizzles out, I will have made my wealth decentralized just like Bitcoin or Ether. So that it cannot belong to a particular person, and yet everyone can access equal amounts of it.



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