Why You Should Decorate a Nursery with Safari Animal Prints

If you’re a parent who has never heard of the Lion King movie, then you live under a rock. In summary, it is a coming to age film about a lion cub in the jungles of Africa. The original movie, which was released in 1994, made more than a billion dollars, and the latest 3D remake in 2019 made some $600 million more money. This is noteworthy because, despite the movie targeting primarily children, a significant portion of the total audience was adults.

As children, we all had imaginary friends who, surprisingly, were mostly animals. Children enjoy interacting with animals and inanimate objects more than they do adults, and that psychology is why you have to encourage this behavior in your young one. Most new parents will paint the nursery walls a bright color, and that’s where the décor ends.

You need to understand that babies only see color after five months after birth, and that should be your cue to introduce them to safari animal prints.

The Advantages of Safari Animal Art Prints for the Nursery

Safari is a Swahili word that means journey, but it has also come to represent wildlife viewing in Africa’s jungles. In a sense, your baby is going on a safari to discover this new world. They are just transitioning from seeing black and white to forming three-dimensional vision, so don’t be worried when your toddler is obsessively staring at your face.

Some of the memories we form as children are carried on well into old age, and those same memories will define our adult lives. People who lose their parents at a young age tend to cherish one particular thing about their parents. One way to ensure that your memory lives on in your child’s mind is by feeding their imagination by introducing them to imaginary friends.

Below are the pros of placing prints in a nursery:

  1. They are cheaper to replace, unlike a mural, and they don’t take up as much space.

The main advantage is that anything you do for your child is an investment at this point in life. Decorating a nursery with products like those found at Strawberry Valley may influence a child to get into artistry, a profession that’s more lucrative today than traditional occupations.

The Disadvantage of Placing Framed Art Prints in a Nursery

Perhaps the only con would be that it’s likely for your child to push the piece onto the floor, and the shattered glass becomes a health hazard. That is solvable by keeping the framed print far from their reach and only let them touch it under supervision.

It is possible to wrap an animal print art in a baby-proof material such as rubber and plastic. This way, you can let your toddler chew on it, bang it anywhere, drown it in bath water with no accidents.

Who Would Buy This Type of Art?

Understandably, not all parents can afford a separate room for a nursery, let alone animal art to decorate the space. However, these kinds of art prints have a wide range of applications.

Professional interior designers can take advantage of images such as the zebra print when bringing a black and white themed space to life. An interior designer can use the prints to add value to a home. Try it today if you’re in doubt.

For example, as a real estate agent, you can buy a couple of safari animal art prints and a few of them in a nursery of each house you show to your potential buyers. A house-hunting couple may want you to include the prints as a discount, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy.

Experienced mothers are able to recommend new parents to decorate the nursery with this kind of art because they saw the space made without any art.

During pregnancy, women tend to have a ton of ideas on what kind of décor they’ll dress the nursery with, and through all the activities, they forget all about the ambitions they had. Then it falls onto the man to suggest the décor as a way to show support. Therefore, a husband is likely to buy an animal art print as a contribution to welcoming a new member of the family.

Maternity hospitals are likely to purchase because the art will give personality to the rooms and spaces while at the same time warming the hearts of those present.

Companies and individuals will purchase the art and gift it to expecting mothers or new mothers. This is because such a gift would last longer than flowers and chocolates.

What to Consider When Decorating Your Child’s Nursery

Parents of young children need to remember the Goldilocks Effect, which dictates your baby has no preference for complicated or basic décor. They tend to gravitate towards what feels perfect for them. On that note, you have the freedom to do what instinctively feels right for you but remember that the décor will play a role in developing your child’s brain and intellect.


Maintaining a clean nursery for your baby will automatically reduce trips to medical facilities, and you get to save money that’s used to treat dirt related infections. Especially during this time of Covid19, sanitizing cannot be emphasized enough.

Safety First

The most important aspect of nursery decoration is to make it baby proof. This means that all sharp edges get dulled, and electrical outlets are correctly insulated. The changing table should have a comfortable cushion because a hard surface may injury your baby’s back. The bed should have a barrier that’s hard for them to climb from.

If a crib has been handed down, inspect to make sure that the baby cannot fit through the openings. There have been incidents of kids getting stuck between the planks or falling off cribs after squeezing through the barrier.

When you do other chores, install a child monitor in the nursery or fix a camera onto a safari animal-art print frame. This is vital because accidents commonly happen when we take our eyes from the baby.

Safety is definitely one of the key things to consider when deciding on the decorations of a nursery. This is why the best décor will be the one that prioritizes baby safety.

Your Budget

Child psychologists will agree that your infant probably does not care about the price tag of their nursery. So, there is no logic in breaking the bank to transform the space into an exotic baby-cave. Spending a lot of money may help to spice up baby photos but just know that you can be a better parent by spending less.

Experts also recommend that infants need to spend more time on their mother’s side for a few months before they move to their own crib. If you agree with that option, then there is no need to create a whole separate room for a nursery. Instead, use those funds to transform your bedroom into a nursery and save money in the process.

At this point, you should be saving money for medical bills and other expenses because being minimalist will work just fine for your child.

If you go the nursery way, then try as much as possible not to waste money. There is always a relative or friend who can lend you a crib and other baby-related items.

The Kind of Decoration Items

You might innocently put a wool carpet in the nursery, but before you do that, consider problems such as respiratory infections caused by microbes living in such environments.

Another thing to consider is choke hazard decorations such as toys that your baby can try to eat. Toddlers are notorious at stuffing anything into their mouths, and so it’s vital to inspect all the nursery decorations and eliminate anything that’s not safe to lick or chew on.

For example, avoid glitter because the particles can get into the ears, eyes, nose and cause a serious choking incident.

Aspects like color and art contribute to the well being of your child. Babies tend to enjoy images with shapes and different colors right when they stop seeing black and white. Adding things like stuffed animals, safari animal art prints, among other things, moves the gears in their brains.

According to experts, introducing toys and art to your six-month-old child improves their eyesight. Pediatricians point out that at two years, your kid can differentiate colors, and a year later, they should be naming them.

A Quiet Nursery

Children are easily stressed by a noisy environment even though they grow up to become teenagers then seem not to get enough of deafening metal rock music. A serene atmosphere is essential to the growth of your baby. The minimum recommended daily silence for a toddler is one hour.

Soundproofing the nursery is well and good but remember that children require as much natural air and light as possible. In a quiet home, you will be able to identify when your baby’s breathing has changed because that is a warning sign. When you introduce prolonged silence times, you’ll notice the improved relationship between you and your toddler.

A nursery is required to be perfect for your child because that’s like their first school experience. At that point, their brain is still learning to process information, and the experience you as a parent provide here determines the rate and quality of your baby’s brain development.

The Diversity of Safari Animal Art Prints

Art prints are convenient in that you can get a different one for each season. You can buy Christmas themed safari animal prints and Halloween ones. Of course, the Halloween ones will be child friendly and will not require parental guidance.

This exercise helps to orient a child into cultural events that define our society. It also helps a child identify their preferred holiday costumes instead of sticking with what the parents imposed on them. Events such as Halloween are meant to bring together people and promote socializing.

You will want your child to grow and make friends who enjoy physical activities such as Star Wars costume parties instead of turning out to be phone zombies.

In Conclusion

Purchasing a few safari animal print art for a nursery is an investment because the images boost your child’s brain development. The same art adds value to space by adding an element of sophistication to the nursery. Another thing you should try out is to spend time looking at the animal prints. You may experience the same therapeutic feeling one gets on an African safari trip. Guess what your child feels when they stare at the same art.

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